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I’ve spent the last 4.5 years working for Cabela’s as a Sr. UX Designer. I’ve worked on a lot of different projects, but these three really stand out to me as fun, engaging, & ultimately profitable for the company.

Homepage redesign - 2014-15

  • • Company goals:: driving more sales (duh) & clearer messaging around sale events
  • • Customer goals:: make it easier to navigate & lose the clutter

User research helped us understand just how lost our customers were when it came to both navigating our site & being able to understand all the different sales we have going on at any given time. They were being bombarded with banners which caused blindness & confusion.

Through a series of user tests and iterations, we came up with a layout that met the goals of both the customer & the business. The layout is cleaner, easier to read & scan, and we have separate areas that point users to the ongoing sales.

One other major accomplishment was that by calling out the Cabela’s CLUB Visa credit card at the top just under the main hero image, we were able to drive more traffic to those pages & get more people to sign up for credit cards than any year previously recorded. The rise in CC applications continues today.

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Once we saw the huge boost in CLUB applications, we decided to tackle the application & info pages for CLUB Visa.

CLUB Visa & Cabela’s Rewards - 2015-16

  • • Business goals:: get more applications & have it be mobile-friendly
  • • Customer goals:: make the 2 rewards programs more clear

Our studies with the customers showed that they really weren’t aware that Cabela’s had 2 different loyalty programs, or what kind of perks they got from being a part of them. The old pages are cluttered (seeing a pattern here?), hard to read, and not really clear on what each program offered.

We decided to take the comparison chart approach to really show the differences between having a Cabela’s CLUB Visa card and just the regular Rewards card. Giving the user a way to quickly scan the chart of info and make a decision quickly was idea.

We also split the application itself onto it’s own page so we could more accurately send people there. Before, the app and the info about the card were all on the same page, meaning that if someone was ready to fill out the application, they had to scroll past a bunch of info that they probably already knew.

Lastly, since these pages had never been put into the mobile site, we were able to give our customers one more way to sign up for a CC: on mobile. We belive that these changes will only add to the dramatic increase in applications from the homepage redesign.

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Cabela's CLUB customer app design

The CLUB called on us again to help them solve another problem in the form of taking payments at our retail stores. The printers & check readers we were using were no longer supported & needed to be updated.

Cabela’s CLUB Booth Outfitter App - 2016

  • • Business goals:: replace a worn out system & prepare for the future
  • • Customer goals:: to stick to the current payment experience as close as possible

Observing the customers paying their bill at the store, we saw an average transaction time of 58 seconds. The customers enjoyed talking with the Outfitters, it was easy for them (the Outfitter did all the data entry on the computer so the customer just had to hand them their cash/check), and they did it on a regular basis.

We designed a quick prototype to test the functionality of making payments on an iPad. We had one where it was more self-service for the customer where they did all the data entry, and one where the Outfitter did the data entry. The user testing showed that the customers preferred the one where the Outfitter did the work as it was almost identical to the experience they had currently.

App Is Currently Live in Stores

Every now and then I pick up a side project. They’re usually associated with my hobbies, and bikes are a huge hobby for me. I approached a small shop in Idaho Springs about their web site (or lack thereof) and got to build them a custom site.

aCOS-G Website - 2015-16

  • • Company goals:: needed a website.
  • • Customer goals:: to find aCOS-G online

The shop is really unique and they primarily focus on gravity riding: downhill, slope style, dual slalom and the like. They have a sister shop in Evergreen that is just called A Culture of Speed and they needed to stand out from that shop as being different. Not only were they located in a different town, but their focus was different as well.

I designed a layout that would give them the opportunity to expand the site in the future, and hand-coded the entire site. It’s smartly responsive, has some great photography (supplied partly by the shop, partly by me), and is built ready to bring in customers from all over the web.

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My wife and I love photography. In 2009 we shot our first wedding, and we’ve been shooting a few a year ever since. in 2013, I decided that a plain photo-blog just wasn’t cutting it. I wanted our site to be more personal & creative, and to show off the photos better.

Freebird Photography - 2013

  • • Business goals: better layouts, more mobile friendly & more personal

Hand coded using parts of a responsive framework, I created different layouts to display the photos. I kept it responsive so that it could be viewed on a phone, and I spent a considerable amount of time making sure that the photos appeared awesome on both desktop & mobile without sacrificing load times on moble.

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