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aCOS Gravity Bike Shop Web Design

  • • Company goals:: needed a website.
  • • Customer goals:: to find aCOS-G online

Every now and then I pick up a side project. They’re usually associated with my hobbies, and bikes are a huge hobby for me. I approached a small shop in Idaho Springs about their web site (or lack thereof) and got to build them a custom site.

The shop is really unique and they primarily focus on gravity riding: downhill, slope style, dual slalom and the like. They have a sister shop in Evergreen that is just called A Culture of Speed and they needed to stand out from that shop as being different. Not only were they located in a different town, but their focus was different as well.

I designed a layout that would give them the opportunity to expand the site in the future, and hand-coded the entire site. It’s smartly responsive, has some great photography (supplied partly by the shop, partly by me), and is built ready to bring in customers from all over the web.

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aCOS Gravity homepage custom headers with imagery

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