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Cabela's Homepage, Header, & Footer Redesign

  • • Company goals:: driving more sales (duh) & clearer messaging around sale events
  • • Customer goals:: make it easier to navigate & lose the clutter

What started as a "clean up" project to make the homepage less cluttered, turned into a full-blown redesign of the homepage, header, & footer. User research helped us understand just how lost our customers were when it came to both navigating our site & being able to understand all the different sales we have going on at any given time. They were being bombarded with banners which caused blindness & confusion.

Through a series of user tests and iterations, we came up with a layout that met the goals of both the customer & the business. The layout is cleaner, easier to read & scan, and we have separate areas that point users to the ongoing sales.

One other major accomplishment was that by calling out the Cabela’s CLUB Visa credit card at the top just under the main hero image, we were able to drive more traffic to those pages & get more people to sign up for credit cards than any year previously recorded. The rise in CC applications continues today.

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Cabela's new homepage process and wireframes header and footer designs

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